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7.4L and 8.4L Sisu Module Sisu7000

Final Sale Clearance 1175,00$ plus taxes !

The Sisu7000 performance Module is designed for all the 7.4L and 8.4L Sisu Tier III engines.
It can increase horsepower up to 30% and decrease fuel consumption by 10% to 20%.
You can adjust the power of the module from stock to +15% to 30% with a three position switch.
The Sisu7000 fits on the following applications :

  • AGCO: A65 Combine, R65 Combine, A66 Combine, R66 Combine, S67 Combine, A75 Combine, R75 Combine, A76 Combine, R76 Combine, S77 Combine, RT165A Tractor, DT180 Tractor, DT180A Tractor, RT180A Tractor, DT200 Tractor, DT200A Tractor, DT205B Tractor, DT220 Tractor, DT220A Tractor, DT225B Tractor, DT240 Tractor, DT240A Tractor, DT250B Tractor, DT275B Tractor, 660B Challenger Combine, 670B Challenger Combine
  • Caterpillar: MT645C Challenger Tractor, MT655C Challenger Tractor, MT665C Challenger Tractor, MT675C Challenger Tractor
  • Massey Ferguson: 6497 Tractor, 6499 Tractor, 7497 Tractor, 7499 Tractor, 8450 Tractor, 8460 Tractor, 8470 Tractor, 8480 Tractor, 8650 Tractor, 8660 Tractor, 8670 Tractor, 8680 Tractor, 9690 Combine, 9695 Combine, 9790 Combine, 9795 Combine
  • Valtra: T170 Tractor, T171 Tractor, T180 Tractor, T190 Tractor, T191 Tractor

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