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Laboratoire Diesel, a company at your service for over 40 years!

In 1973, André Lavoie, a diesel mechanic, decided to start his own business, namely Laboratoire Diesel. Working in a small home garage, André soon became Quebec City’s diesel injection specialist. The technology of the time allowed him to work in little spaces, but it soon came to him that he had to move into a bigger garage to keep his expertise up-to-date. Laboratoire Diesel moved into a house located on the 45th street in Charlesbourg. The whole house was transformed into a workshop devoted to the advancing of diesel mechanics.

In 2003, André decided to retire and to pass on the business to his son Denis who had been working at Laboratoire Diesel since 1977. With the evolution of the electronically controlled injectors, Denis had to move into a bigger space to store his new equipment. The new workshop allowed him to start repairing and modifying diesel vehicles and to buy tools used for the maintenance of the common rail injectors.

Nine years later, Denis is looking for a bigger space to be able to offer new services to his customers while keeping the same level of greatness.

If it’s a diesel engine, we can repair it. The engine may be in a car, a bus, a boat or a truck; we assure you we can repair it!

Laboratoire Diesel is 40 years old, but by adding the experience of its two owners, it means 75 years of passionate work.

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